Naughty Taeyeon

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my silly Jung is forever scared~

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Reblog with your bias:2PM: Nickhun
2NE1: CL
Beast: Yoseob
Big Bang: GD/TOP
B.A.P: -
Block B: -
C.N. Blue: Yonghwa/Jonghyun/Minhyuk/Jungshin yes, all of them, lol
EXO-K: Suho/Baekhyun
EXO-M: Chen
f(x): Krystal
F.T. Island: All of them are my treasures
Girls' Generation: Currently Jessica, but my all time bias is OT9
Infinite: L
miss A: Min
Nu'est: -
SHINee: Onew
Super Junior: Kyuhyun
U-kiss: -
Wonder Girls: Sunye/Yubin

lol, Yoong~

such a cutie pie~

such a cutie pie~

lol, silly Kim choding~

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your hair is…..aljdgasljfhakdshfagdaskjfh

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Happy Birthday Jung “Charismatic Leader” Yonghwa! 06.22.2012 ♡

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Fan service at its best~

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Princess Jung is judging each and everyone of you….

….. please keep glaring at me Jung!!!!